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The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota provides
quality medical care and rehabilitation for all injured,
sick and orphaned wild animals, and shares its knowledge
with the people who care about them.


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Welcome to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

It's Time to Give to the Animals


As we prepare to close out both our calendar and fiscal year-end, we turn to you to help us meet our budget goals.


We've already passed last year's milestone of more than 9,000 patients. This makes it yet another record-breaking year in the demand we're meeting for emergency care for wild animals.


As a registered 501c(3) we rely completely on your donations to fund our operations. No state or federal funding. Just the generosity of donors like you.


This year brought some wonderful large donations to the WRC: a state-of-the-art medical laser technology system was donated by SpectraVet, and a grant from the Weesner Foundation helped us develop our outdoor caging facilities. In 2015 we hope to purchase and install a new x-ray machine.


Your contributions help us deliver top-quality medical care every day of the year. You can read more about our 2014 milestones in our year-end appeal.


Please make a tax-deductible gift today. You can give in your own name or you can make a gift in honor/memoriam to someone else. You can even sponsor the care of a type of animal. However you give, and whatever amount you give, know that we (and the animals) greatly appreciate your generosity.



Following up on an animal you brought to us? Drop us a note ( with the person's name who admitted it, the approximate date and the species. We'll get back to you within a few days!



Learn more about how we provide medical care in our Case Studies.


Check out the Video News section to view video from WRC news coverage.



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The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota (WRC) in Roseville, Minn., is a nonprofit, donor-supported organization. The WRC was established in response to the increased need for medical care of injured, ill and orphaned wildlife. With a medical staff of 8, the Center is one of the largest and busiest wildlife medical centers in the nation. More than 600 volunteers care for, rehabilitate and release the wildlife that they've worked with. The WRC treats more than 9,000 wild animals every year, representing more than 185 different species.


We cannot give tours since we do not keep any animals for educational use. We do have an open house every winter, usually in February. Watch our Facebook page or register for our emails to keep up to date with WRC.


Learn more about our staff and Board of Directors.


WRC Critter Ticker

Recently admitted to WRC...

  • 2014-12-21
  • 11:39amCanada Goose
  • 11:35amWhite-footed Mouse
  • 2014-12-20
  • 4:16pmEastern Cottontail
  • 11:07amHouse Finch
  • 2014-12-19
  • 5:55pmNorthern Bobwhite
  • 3:09pmEastern Gray Squirrel
  • 1:51pmDark-Eyed Junco
  • 11:09amCanada Goose
  • 11:07amAmerican Goldfinch
  • 9:09amBig Brown Bat
  • 9:06amAmerican Crow
  • 2014-12-18
  • 6:17pmDomestic Avian
  • 3:17pmNorthern Cardinal
  • 2:50pmHouse Sparrow
  • 12:50pmEastern Cottontail
  • 12:17pmPlains Garter Snake
  • 11:55amHouse Finch
  • 11:35amRock Pigeon
  • 11:02amEastern Cottontail
  • 10:53amEastern Cottontail
  • 10:06amBig Brown Bat
  • 2014-12-17
  • 6:16pmNorthern Cardinal
  • 5:26pmEastern Gray Squirrel
  • 4:58pmBig Brown Bat
  • 12:51pmMourning Dove

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