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The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota provides
quality medical care and rehabilitation for all injured,
sick and orphaned wild animals, and shares its knowledge
with the people who care about them.


Open every day of the year!



Every day of the week,
including holidays!





Welcome to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

Found An Injured Animal? You've Found the Right Place!


We're one of the busiest wildlife hospitals in the nation; on pace to treat more than 11,000 animals this year.


If the animal is obviously injured (dropping a wing, spinning in circles, bleeding, etc.) you can simply bring it in. No need to call first. We're open 9am-6pm every day of the week, including holidays.


If you've found a very friendly young squirrel that's active and appears healthy, read our information on this before bringing it in. It's probably just going through its curious juvenile stage. However, if that squirrel isn't quite as perky the next time you see it, please bring it to us. It needs help if it starts becoming lethargic.


Migration is underway and that means many new birds are visiting your yard. They are not as familiar with your house, and windows, as your resident chickadees, cardinals, etc. If a bird hits your window, read through this information before you bring it in (unless it's bleeding or its wing is bent back in which case you should just bring it to us). This information might save you a trip to us.


Found a pigeon with colored leg bands hanging out in your yard? It's someone's pet. Because of that we cannot admit it. But, we can help you track down the owner! If the bird is still there after several days, and you can capture the bird, write down the series of letters and numbers off the band(s). Call us with that information and we can give you the contact info for the owner's club.


Thank you so much for making the time to help injured wild animals in need. The fact that we've had a record year in admits speaks volumes for how much you love your local wildlife. We do not pick up or transport animals so every single animal that comes to us does so because someone cared.



Following up on an animal you brought to us? Drop us a note ( with the person's name who admitted it, the approximate date and the species. We'll get back to you within a few days!



Learn more about how we provide medical care in our Case Studies.



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The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota (WRC) in Roseville, Minn., is a nonprofit, donor-supported organization. The WRC was established in response to the increased need for medical care of injured, ill and orphaned wildlife. With a medical staff of 8, the Center is one of the largest and busiest wildlife medical centers in the nation. More than 600 volunteers care for, rehabilitate and release the wildlife that they've worked with. The WRC treats more than 9,000 wild animals every year, representing more than 185 different species.


We cannot give tours since we do not keep any animals for educational use. We do have an open house every winter, usually in February. Watch our Facebook page or register for our emails to keep up to date with WRC.


Learn more about our staff and Board of Directors.


Learn more about WRC's Night of the Wild Ones:


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