Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota

Intern With Us!

We are accepting intern applicants for our 2019 Avian Interns! Positions are unpaid but guarantee first class hands-on experience with songbirds, game birds and waterfowl. Required 20-25 hrs/wk.

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Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota

Emergency Medical Care for Wildlife

From life-saving surgeries to long-term treatment for lead toxicity, we're one of the oldest and busiest wildlife hospitals in the nation.

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Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota

Found a Bat?

It's too cold to release them outside. But we can help.


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Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota

Watch for Grounded Birds

Migrating waterfowl like this Pied-billed Grebe and loons can become stranded on wet pavement (it looks like water from above). A stranded bird should be captured and brought to us.


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What to do if you find an injured or orphaned animal

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  1. Injured? Bring it in.

    • Safely contain the animal (click here for tips)
    • Bring directly to the center. We are open 9am - 6pm daily, including holidays.
    • If animal has flies, ants or small worms crawling on it, please bring it to us immediately. No need to call first.
  2. Suspected Orphan? Call us before picking up animal: 651-486-9453.

    • If animal is in a safe location, please leave it where it is and wait for a return call.
    • If animal is in the street, please note the exact location it was found, look for parents, then contain it in a box and call us.
    • If orphaned animal is a lone duckling, or a group of them, wandering without mom, just bring them in. No need to call first. Please keep them dry - no water for them to swim in!
    • (More tips on orphaned animal situations here).

WRC Critter Ticker

Recently admitted animals

11:22am - Raccoon 11:37am - Eastern Cottontail 11:58am - Eastern Cottontail 2:20pm - Common Grackle 2:20pm - Common Raven 3:26pm - European starling 4:37pm - Eastern Gray Squirrel 4:38pm - Eastern Gray Squirrel 4:57pm - Rock Pigeon 5:10pm - Eastern Cottontail 5:19pm - Eastern Gray Squirrel 5:52pm - Eastern Gray Squirrel 6:21pm - Eastern Cottontail 6:23pm - Eastern Gray Squirrel 6:55pm - Eastern Cottontail 7:13pm - Eastern Gray Squirrel 7:15pm - Pine Siskin 7:26pm - Eastern Gray Squirrel 8:03pm - Brown Creeper

Following up on an animal you brought us?

Drop us a note (status@wrcmn.org) with the person's name who admitted it, the approximate date and the species.
We'll get back to you within 7-10 days.

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