Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota


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Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota

Ducklings Everywhere!

It's not unusual for wild ducklings to be separated from their mom. She won't notice they're gone and will just keep going with the others. If you find ducklings without mom, watch for a bit to see if she returns. If not, simply bring them to us. No need to call first. Keep them warm, dry and in a dark quiet area until you can bring them to us. They're not waterproof and do not handle stress well.

Thank you for helping these adorable animals!

Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota

Emergency Medical Care for Wildlife

From life-saving surgeries to long-term treatment for lead toxicity, we're one of the oldest and busiest wildlife hospitals in the nation.

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Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota

Found a Bat?

If you've found a bat on the ground unable to fly, safely contain it and bring it to us. If it's in your house, we can help you with that, too.


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What to do if you find an injured or orphaned animal

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  1. Injured? Bring it in.

    • Safely contain the animal (click here for tips)
    • Bring directly to the center. We are open daily, hours listed below, including holidays.
    • If animal has flies, ants or small worms crawling on it, please bring it to us. No need to call first.
  2. Suspected Orphan? Call us before picking up animal: 651-486-9453.

    • If animal is in a safe location, please leave it where it is and wait for a return call.
    • If animal is in the street, please note the exact location it was found, look for parents, then contain it in a box and call us.
    • If orphaned animal is a lone duckling, or a group of them, wandering without mom, just bring them in. No need to call first. Please keep them dry - no water for them to swim in!
    • (More tips on orphaned animal situations here).

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9:25am - Brown-headed Cowbird 9:39am - Eastern Bluebird 10:19am - Mallard 10:24am - House Sparrow 10:28am - Eastern Cottontail 10:30am - American Robin 10:34am - Virginia Opossum 10:41am - Eastern Cottontail 10:53am - Eastern Gray Squirrel 10:57am - Eastern Cottontail (4) 11:11am - Eastern Cottontail 11:15am - Mallard 11:19am - Eastern Cottontail (3) 11:20am - Southern Flying Squirrel 11:28am - House Sparrow 11:30am - Eastern Gray Squirrel 11:43am - Eastern Cottontail (6) 12:00pm - White-footed Mouse (3) 12:05pm - Mallard (8) 12:11pm - Eastern Cottontail 12:13pm - Eastern Cottontail 12:23pm - Blue Jay 12:32pm - Eastern Cottontail 12:46pm - American Robin 12:50pm - Mallard 12:56pm - Eastern Gray Squirrel (2) 12:59pm - Tree Swallow 1:04pm - Wood Duck

Following up on an animal you brought us?

Drop us a note (status@wrcmn.org) with the person's name who admitted it, the approximate date and the species.
We'll get back to you within 7-10 days.

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