Wildlife Internships at WRC

Wildlife Nursery Internships (FULL FOR 2021)

All internships will be offered spring/summer/fall of 2022 following our COVID-19 protocols. Apply in December for our 2022 nursery season.

A successful wildlife internship can open many doors for you. Whether you want to do field work as a biologist or work with exotics as a veterinarian, hands-on experience with wildlife is a powerful statement on your resume.

Not in college? That's okay! We welcome interns who are interested in learning more about different species and levels of care.

Our requirements for internships are fairly simple. You must, however, be very willing to do a lot of manual labor. Working with wildlife means a lot of cleaning and lifting. It means being on the ground while cleaning out cages and feeding animals. You'll be moving cages and large boxes/bags of food and you'll be working outside on and off throughout the day. This is a very labor-intensive, hands-on experience.

Our internships are unpaid and you must have transportation to get to the center. Mammal nursery interns must also be able to drive to our mammal nursery off-site caging area approximately 15 minutes east of the Roseville center.

Apply next December for our 2022 nursery season.

(We do have volunteer opportunities available if you'd like to volunteer.)


COVID-19 Message from Executive Director Phil Jenni

A general outline of internship expectations is available here.