Case Studies

Case Study 5 - One Lucky Duck

1 - Admission

Communications Director Tami Vogel came home from work one day to find this adult male Ruddy Duck hiding in the tall grass under her mailbox, more than a mile from any water. She kept the duck in a quiet, empty room overnight and brought it into WRC the next morning.

Watch the video of its admit exam.

2 - X-rays

The duck was then anesthized and x-rayed by vet tech extern Jessica. The x-rays showed a simple fracture to the right radius. Here are two different views of the same fracture.

3 - A Closer Look

Here's a closer look at the fractured radius in the duck's right wing.

4 - Treatment

Since the injury was recent and not a multiple fracture, the fractured bones were aligned and then the wing was wrapped. The duck was also put on medication to manage the pain and swelling. It will remain in a small carrier so it doesn't do any additional damage to the wing. Staff will weigh it tomorrow to make sure it's eating and maintaining weight, and then a recheck will be done in one week to see how the wing is healing.

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