Ashley Holte

Ashley Holte, CVT
Certified Veterinary Technician

Ashley has had a passion for helping wild animals dating back to her early childhood, when her parents would occasionally discover that she was surreptitiously caring for injured animals in their home. When she was studying to become a certified veterinary technician, she delayed her externship until after her graduation specifically so that she could complete an externship at WRC. In April of 2017 she joined the WRC team full time. She loves all of the patients but has a special admiration for canid species and specializes in mammals. In her spare time, she finds joy in releasing our recovered patients back into the wild. At home, she cares for a menagerie of animals including her cats “Kirra” and “Orca,” a Yellow-eared Slider “Minnow,” as well as mice “Stella,” “Crispin” and “Mohawk.” She contributes her dedication and passion for wildlife to all patients here at WRC.

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